Partnership Opportunities

A World of Opportunity

GUS provides first-class, forward-thinking institutions with a variety of platforms to educate students from all corners of the world. We not only bring the investment capital to take projects forward, but also provides the technological innovation, quality assurance, international reach, and student recruitment expertise to create sustainable, scalable education initiatives in every corner of the globe.

International student recruitment

We welcome students from around the world, creating an international and culturally dynamic environment. With a centralised quality assurance and academic management team, GUS will ensure smooth, rigorous and results-orientated academic delivery – no matter where students are located.


Global capital investment

Capital investment is at the heart of GUS’s projects and initiatives. We have invested over £100m into projects in the Americas, Europe and Asia, building teams and capacity within areas of vocational training, professional education, corporate and executive training, English language training and higher education.

Interactive platform

The team at InterActive possess many years’ experience in online academic delivery, with more than 15,000 students from over 150 countries taught exclusively via this innovative learning platform. InterActive delivers a diverse portfolio of online programmes including MBAs, master’s, bachelor’s, Higher National qualifications, and a range of executive certificates and diplomas - all taught online by business professionals and academics with proven industry expertise.


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