HTK Academy


HTK Academy, founded in Hamburg in 1987 and also based in Berlin since 2001, is Germany’s largest private vocational academy in Graphic Design and has the status of a state-accredited‚ Private Berufsfachschule’ in Hamburg and of a Ergänzungschule (supplementary school) in Berlin. HTK has trained thousands of communication designers in the key areas of Visual Communication: Advertising Design, Digital Media, Editorial Design, Game Creation, Event & Brand Management, Illustration Design and Digital Product Design. With a 3-year vocational training course, HTK provides a general foundation in a wide variety of design disciplines and, in the higher semesters, the opportunity to select specific course options from the key areas of Visual Communication.


Teaching all the phases of design projects

from generating ideas to existing layout for adverts

Bringing a story to life

combining images, audio, music and sound effects

Optimal skills, knowledge and experience

to begin your career in the design industry

Opportunity to present

ideas and designs to visiting clients

Learning exciting and innovative

multichannel advertising campaigns

Envisioning and delivering

creative solutions