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05 January 2024

Professor Maurits Van Rooijen joins panel at COP28 Green Education Hub

On Monday 11 December, Professor Maurits Van Rooijen, President of the University of Europe for Applied Sciences, took part in a distinguished panel at the Environmental Education in Higher Education session at COP28 Green Education Hub. This initiative, a collaborative effort between the UAE Ministry of Education and UNESCO, aimed to advance discussions on climate education through the Green Education Partnership Framework.


The panel, designed to promote environmental literacy and awareness within higher education, showcased best practices, empowered students to be environmentally responsible leaders, and fostered collaboration between higher education institutions, environmental organizations, and government agencies.

During the panel discussion, Professor Maurits underscored the critical need to integrate environmental and sustainability issues into teaching. Advocating for alignment among stakeholders, he stressed the importance of cooperation, urging university leadership to collaborate with teaching staff in embedding sustainability into courses. Moreover, Professor Maurits highlighted the pivotal role of faculty and students in greening curricula, noting their positive response to external agency requirements and the university's guidelines.

He observed a growing trend among students seeking meaning beyond employment, emphasising a desire for a positive impact on the world through their studies. The collaboration with external partners, such as the University of Europe for Applied Sciences' partnership with DHL, illustrated the real-world application of environmental responsibility and emphasized the significance of practical engagement beyond traditional textbooks.

Prof Maurits




BSBI Provost and Chief Academic Officer receives EdFalcon Global Award 2024

On Friday 23 February, Professor Dr Kyriakos Kouveliotis, Provost and Chief Academic Officer at the Berlin School of Business and Innovation, received the ‘Inspiring Education Administrator of the Year 2024 (Higher Education)’ award at the EdFalcon Global Awards, held at the EdTalk World Conference in India.

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SMU announces new partnership with University College of the Cayman Islands

On Friday 2 February, St. Matthews University announced that it has partnered with the University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI) to streamline the path for Caymanian students to receive their Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees.

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UE announces collaboration with Helwan University

On Thursday 22 February, the University of Europe for Applied Sciences announced it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Helwan University (HU).

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